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Have you ever been on one of the bigger charter boats? The ones where you stand shoulder to shoulder and then spend half the day untangling lines? Thought so!

Catering to smaller groups enables us to go that little bit further. We like live baiting and use tried and proven methods that you can only get from years of experience fishing the wonderful Fraser Coast.

The advantage of a smaller more versatile boat is that we can fish those small bait balls where the big fish feed while the larger boats have trouble maneuvering and frequently drift off!

We specialise in smaller groups of anglers with an emphasis on a personal approach incorporating coaching if required.

Our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity namely big trophy fish!

We promote the use of your own fishing gear and due to smaller groups we can experiment with floaters and drift fishing. If you don’t have your own gear, not a problem! We supply ‘Live Fibre’ rods with the new 6.5 inch Alvey reels. We also have overheads and bait runners on board.

Things you should know ...

For the record- Government regulations require that no fish be filleted on board the boat unless the fillet when completed is longer than 40 centimeters.

I am a one man operation and concentrate all my effort on catching you that once in a life time trophy fish. My buzz comes from watching the excitement, thrill and joy on your face when you nail that monster!

When caught, your fish are iced down immediately. As a pro fisherman I have found the best way to store fish is whole packed upright and iced down these fish will last for up to 7 days like this before cleaning is required.

I do not gut and gill fish for you as this takes up your valuable fishing time, however, if you’re staying in the area and don’t have the facilities but would like a couple cleaned then I will be only to happy but only if you have the time to wait at the end of the trip!


fishing accomodationb tin can bay

For those wishing to stay the night in the area we recommend some budget priced accommodation that can be organised from as little as $15.00 dollars per person per night or a house for bookings of a minimum party of four  and a maximum of ten.

The up stairs rooms at the Sleepy Lagoon Hotel come with communal showers and are $15.00 per person per night.

Air conditioned self-contained ‘Dongas’ for only $30.00 per person are also available. A maximum of four per Donga applies.  All linen is provided.

you’re only 2 minutes from the boat ramp!

You can contact the sleepy lagoon hotel tin can bay on

Phone (07) 54864124

Sleepy lagood hotel

Fishing Charter Pricing

PRICING as of 01/11/07


$ 2100 OVERNIGHT (MAX 4)

It is a condition of Unreel’s pricing that you book the boat, whether its one or six the price is the same


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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island Australia For a Fishing adventure of a lifetime Phone Ivan 07 5483 4885, copyright 2008