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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

October 2006 Report

HI all Ivan Jensen here from Unreel Fishin Charters! 

I will try from now on and give you a report on a monthly basis as to what’s happening offshore Fraser Island.

We have experienced some mixed weather and the usual current run that is found closer to the top of the Island. This occurs because of a bottle neck affect from the continental shelf and the edge of Fraser Island being so close.

Any how enough of the technical jargon back to fishin! All trips over the month have seen great catches of monster Spangled Emperor or Yellow Sweetlip, Snapper to 9.2 kg with the usual assortment of Reds to 12kg, Red throat sweet lip to 4kg, nice Gold Spot Wrasse, Parrot to 5kg with Coronation Trout to 6kg and unlimited Hussar to 2kg.

I found a patch of new ground the other day in 42 meters of water. It was just inside the shelf with loads of everything biting which saw the ice box full in no time! On a later trip, zooming along at 25 knots,  I also found a nice rise in 58 meters of water which produced 14 good Reds and Red throats in about 1 hour, just drifting across the top then running back again.

Most overnight trips last month, which have been on the lead up moon, were to what I call the Maheno grounds. This area is due east of the Maheno ship wreck on Fraser Island and the grounds just above to the north, which consist of a variety of Bommies and rubble ground with some of the bommies reaching 20 metres. On the other side of the coin I did an overnight trip on the black moon late in the month, with a forecast of 10 to 15 knots, due east of the Wide Bay Bar to the continental shelf.  We were on to some good catches of School Reds to 9kg and Snapper to 7kg before the current picked up during the night and sharks came in for a feed!

Just a quick one this month as we are expecting four to five days of good weather at the time of writing and I am frantically preparing for charters with an overnighter and several day charters.

I hope you have enjoyed Unreel Fishin Charters first report and I look forward to sharing with you in the coming months.
Ivan Jensen



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