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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

November 2006 Fishing Report

Hi guys Ivan Jensen here again for another monthly report, trust the last report gave you some small insight into Offshore fishing Fraser Island.

Traditionally in this area it has been my experience to get a snapper run in June- July and then another late spawning run in late November early December. This is because of the lack of good rain to flush out the estuary systems and release valuable food into the ocean which would normally bring the snapper closer in to the island. I believe we are seeing a reaction to this with an early spawning run.

Well the start of this month has been an absolute cracker with some of the best snapper fishing I have experienced in my short life on this planet. Unreel catches of quality three to four kilo snapper in large numbers saw some clients with multiple hook rigs bagging out in just one drop, yes you read this right one drop!

What bait were you using I hear you ask?  Well, when they’re bitting like this you don’t even need bait! We used soft plastics bait jigs but my bait of choice was mullet fillets simply because it’s cheaper and it’s harder bait and stays on a bit longer.

I have never seen snapper bite so viciously to the point they were chewing the sinkers the swivels, some opting to take both hooks at once on a paternoster rig and an absolute bonus no current run, straight to the bottom! With the full moon fast approaching and the forecast report all over the place the decision was made to head out again. 
The four boys from around the mining town of Moura were well rewarded in choosing an overnighter. They where over the moon with bagging out on snapper in the first half hour with some nice gold band snapper mixed in with seven quality reds to 14 kg- all this during the night session and another two just on daylight. Some other nice mixed reefies saw us out of ice and the ice boxes full so it was time to make the normal 2 hour run for home but with oily calm conditions and the Hondas cruising along at four thousand five hundred revs and with and average speed of 27 knots saw us arrive back in 90 minutes.

Getting back in early the boys had time to go and by some larger polystyrene eskies from the local fish board to cope with the catch. This appears to be a common problem with clients on their first time experience with Unreel Charters.

I‘ve had a much-needed break in Malaysia for the later part of the month so nothing to report on the fishing scene there.

Until next time





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