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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

April 2007
Fishing Report

Hi readers, well another month has passed with more bad weather but I have to keep reminding myself… “It is that time of the year!”

Well we certainly had some hot days with temps reaching 38c and the hottest March days on record for the Gympie area- which is not helping the fishing scene. But still we keep trying in the hope that one day we will run over the mother load and hit the Eldorado in fishing.

Well, I’ve done two trips for the month with the first one an overnighter with the potential to have a cracker on nice snapper to 7kg but the sharks liked em more than I did and not being big enough to swallow the whole thing, all we were retrieving was the head which on a positive note- still left me with my rig, all though there was a nice 12 foot tiger shark taking the whole thing on the odd occasion. After 27 rigs and sinkers they were not budging and I was fast running out of gear, time to move on.

One kilometre away and we pulled some nice snapper straight up but with in ten minutes the sharks were there and all within 5 mile of the beach in 28 metres of water- great fun!

On the second trip, also an overnighter, and the forecast was for South East in the morning and North east in the arvo, PERFECT. We hit the Wide Bay Bar at about 1pm Saturday and ventured up the island at a comfortable 27knots with the sea starting to glass out the wider we got.

   After checking a couple of spots on the way we noticed no current run- beautiful!

I headed wide to a nice ledge I had found the previous trip, the first drift across and the three boys hooked up on some solid Reds (to 10kg) and then it was on! Within 30 minuets the sharks had again found us and with only a few fish short of our bag limit and refusing to loose anymore good fish to them, we moved on.

   With the sun almost gone and wanting to get anchored up for the arvo Snapper run, it was worth the five mile move which found a nice rise and good Snapper on top with the odd Sweetlip and Red on the bottom.
With a steady trickle of quality fish through the night including a nice Ocean Mangrove Jack (and at times just head), we persevered until morning which saw an uncomfortable 25 N/W wind, I hate Nor Westers!! Time to go home!

So, all in all, not a bad outcome for this time of the year although this has been the worst I have seen the sharks. There is plenty of bait around at the moment and I hear the Spanish Mackerel are bitting well just off the beach near the Maheno.

   The Brisbane tiny and Tackle show is on at the end of March an I have been invited to give a presentation for 45 minutes on fishing the wider reefs so pop in if your there and say hello.

Well let’s hope things pick up next month until then

“Go on get out there!”


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