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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

May 2007 Fishing Report

Hi their Ivan Jensen here again for another fishing report for offshore Fraser Island. Well the early part of the month has seen a prolonged share of bad weather but the last 10 days has been smooth and a pleasure to get out and have a good look around.

Winter has finally started and the reefies have started off with a bang. Good catches of Reds to 15kg! It’s not too many times I can say we bagged out on Reds but this month has certainly produced plenty of other species with red throats to 5kg and gold spot wrasse the occasional coronation trout with my young bloke landing a cracker 6kg specimen on 30 pound line- a top effort.

Charters have seen good numbers of large parrot returning and large moses perch, while pearlies in numbers have been quite, and the snapper have not quite fired yet. Just before the full moon the fish are really firing and going on well into the night with the crack of dawn seeing the bigger snapper come on the chew.
Fresh trawl squid seems to be the preferred bait at the moment with the obligatory pilchard thrown in for good luck seems to do the job.

For those fishing the Fraser Island comp this year, if the early catches of reds south of waddy are any indication then weather permitting your in for a cracker of a comp. It seems at least for the moment you can’t miss.
Wrecks south are still fishing well with large numbers of cobia and amberjack about and on the chew. The odd Spanish mackerel about but it seems the spotties have by passed us for another year.

The annual tiny and tackle show in Brisbane appears to be getting bigger and better each year with large numbers of exhibits to suit everybody’s tastes and styles, a big thank you to Bill Corten for his invite to give a talk on fishing the deeper reefs at one of the venues with lots of interest being shown fishing in this part of the world is alive and well. There may even be and invite to the Brisbane boat show for another session.

The new 9.9 metre aluminium vessel is now under way and should be completed by years end will keep you posted this should be a great project.

Until next time “Go get out there.”

Unreel tip for the month.....
For those targeting big reds during the Fraser comp, big fresh mullet fillets with 10/0 hooks and I mean the whole fillet, either floated down with the obligatory ball sinker or paternoster rig. Anchor in front of the structure and away from and be patient “they will come to you.”

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