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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

August 2007 Fishing Report

HI all Ivan Jensen here from Unreel Fishing Charters! 

Well where did that month go, some great fine very flat days where you can get some miles up very quickly at 27 knots and no current what a bonus just need the fish to bite and whamo there on.
snapper to 9.2kg reds to 10kg even the odd 3kg pearly and still some huge estuary cod being landed as a by catch along with the odd cobia and of course hussar and parrot making up the mixed bag for the punters.

On the commercial scene snapper are chewing hard in good numbers on the banks and hards off Mooloolaba with most catches over the 3 kg mark up to the magic 10kg mark.
We have also had our fair share of unfishable weather with that tropical low dumping heavy winds and much needed rain on the area and plenty of dirty water flushing out to sea with plenty of nutrients for some top fishing to come. Rainbow recorded approx 950mm of rain with most of it flushing into the sea and the storm leaving a large Indonesian tall ship high and dry on the beach which put some more media attention back on Rainbow Beach.

slipped out side for a twilight trip on the lunar eclipse the other night for a quick rush of snapper, out about 4 mile they did not disappoint wile the eclipse was on but no sooner was it over they shut down and as soon as we had enough light we headed back in with some quality fish.
A local family group the Georges who book with me every year nailed a perfect day of flat weather and some great fishing action with most species being landed and again the ladies held there own with the blokes, well done girls.

I have just got back from another very successful year for the organisers of the Brisbane International Boat Show, with plenty of boats, bits and gear along with the usual cooking shows and fortunate enough to be a guest speaker on Saturday talking on techniques and electronics, so thanks again to Bill Corton and BIAQ for asking me back.
Well as this goes to print there saying we are going to get some more rain for the south east so here's hopping we can certainly do with it on the land, its been a tough year for most.
Till next time “go on get out there”.



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