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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

September 2009
Fishing Report

What a month good rains with run off into the river systems and out to sea, just in time for the snapper run.
The days are heating up and the wind starting to blow north westers and some of the biggest snapper ive seen in this area ever. Some great specimens to 9.3kg and good catches of 7-8 kg stuff willing to bite in good numbers.
The fishing this month is really heating up with all bottom species bitting well.
In close for the smaller snapper and out wide for everything big with little current, however the start of the EAC (east Australian current) has kicked in with the warm water pushing in with the northerlies creating eddies which is why the current runs in different directions on occasions.

The moon is near full at the time of writing and the night fishing action is kicking in well with good catches of hussar, Moses perch, snapper and  reds. However pearlies are still quite.
Lets hope we get some follow up rain to top the season off and set us up for next year.

Till next month

“go on get out there”



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