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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island


November 2007 Fishing Report

Hi readers, well its getting close to chrissy already and we have had some nice falls of rain to keep things ticking along both on land and at sea.

On the fishing front the weather is up to its usual tricks at this time of the year with the odd magic day thrown in just to keep you interested and coming back, the current run has also been the same with the current roaring one minute then just dropping of to nothing in just moments, you would wonder how such a large body of water could go from 2.5 knots to nothing in just minutes, the wonders of mother nature.

Good snapper to 8.5 kg are still around as the new green horn Stretch found out with his hands full on several occasions managing to put them in the boat but alas the big ones are still swimming to fight another day much to his disappointment.

While the Noosa top gun Pauly managing to put the ones that count away safely in the ice box, and has been rewarded with some nice monster pearly’s to 6kg and scarlets to 11kg.

Customers on an earlier charter also bagging some nice pearlies to 5 kg with some quality snapper close behind.

Good whole squid has been scarce again but the quality of IQF pilchards has picked up heaps, also still good shatter packed mullet fillets getting around at a good price.

I recently had a sinker mould made for size 12 ball sinkers which is paying of well on the big bone heads in these strong currents we are experiencing lately.

Big reds have been a non event lately guess there hiding some where I just haven’t found yet, still the odd school red around up to the 8kg mark though.

River to Reef have completed there fishing comp and boat show at quad park for another year. Another well run comp which is getting bigger and better each year, its one of the only comps around which have and offshore section for kids. So congrats to the organisers and sponsors for another well run outfit.

Till next month

“go on get out there”

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