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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

January 2008 Fishing Report

Hi guys and welcome to januarys report.

Heres what’s been happening this month.

Late in the month.
With a small window of opportunity between the rain squalls and wind and not to mention the large swells we slipped out late Sunday for an overnighter with a few mates. Wide bay bar was close to full tide on the run in, so crossing was no problem, but during the night the ground swell had been building making the trip back in exhilarating with the bar a total white out and 3 to 4 metre swells pounding in at 20 knots.
Not a good time to be going out.

Good numbers of very healthy snapper to 8kg still hanging around in close with the odd sweaty to 6kg mixed in, only at last light and first light for an hour or so.

If you can get out there which currently due to the swell I do not recommend, there is good fishing to be had due to the good rain run off in the previous months I believe. I have only been targeting snapper the last couple of trips, so I have no other fish species to report on apart from the odd by catch of jew fish. Pilchards and prawns are the best baits at the moment

Untill next time

“go on get out there”


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