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Unreel Fishing Charters Fraser Island

July August 2008  Fishing Report

Well yet again another week of windy weather buffeting our coast line and making it impossible to get offshore.

This would have to be the worst patch of weather for many years that I can remember.

So its back to the maintenance in preparation for when the weather finally breaks. We covered batteries in short last week, this week we look at steering units whether it be cable or hydraulic both need constant attention, with cable stretching of the inner cable occurs if the cable is not lubricated at least a couple of times a year.

Hydraulic generally requires a top up of oil and some air bled out of the line and most importantly the air bleed screw cleaned on top of the unit. Be sure to use the recommended oil, next grease the tilt and trim bar and the turning shaft ,you should notice the water coming out as you apply the grease.

Well the forecast over the coming weekend is not looking a lot better so watching some fishing on the box might be the next bet to getting your fix of fishing . 

“Till next week Go on get out there”. 54834885, 



very large cod

Photo local boy Rod cross with another estuary cod. 


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